Always Chase Sunsets

Found the sunset today with 3 of my people at a place I’d never been. Unfamiliar places with familiar faces give a strange sense of ownership that comes with serenity. We listened to music, we laughed, we talked, we sang, we were happy. My favorite days. Unadulterated time spent in unrestrained joy. Standing out of the sunroof, looking at the sunset, playing summer music is my new happy place.

Featured song of the day: Come On Eileen* // Dexy’s Midnight Runners

*Inspired by Perks of Being a Wallflower


Nothing is more incredible than natural beauty. The reflection of sunlight off of the clouds toward the end of the day brings a new range of color to our day that the sky never sees otherwise. If you are one of those people, like myself, who cannot handle the constant, impending darkness of the winter, I encourage you to find the sunset. It is a beautiful transition from the light to the dark, making any bad feelings about the obscurity of night melt away with the colors of the sky.


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