Skiing 1/6/17

I’ve been skiing since I was 3. The first time I skied was at Lake Tahoe in Utah and it was a terrible experience. I don’t remember much of it but it stands out in my childhood as a slightly traumatic moment in my childhood. My brother fell at the top of the mountain and we spent the rest of the day (slowly) making our way down the looming giant of a mountain on which I felt insignificant, trying to catch up with ski patrol to make sure he was okay. (He was, just a torn ligament in his knee). After that, I skied a few times per year throughout my childhood and have nothing but fond memories of rushing down the slopes. Though my family members lost interest in skiing over the years, I never stopped loving the sport.

Skiing circa  January 2005, age 6

Today was perhaps the best skiing experience I’ve had. Aside from being with my best friends, the weather could not have been nicer to us. The sun was shining a positive mood right into my mind and I found myself genuinely happy, run after run after run. I felt good about myself for the first time in a long time after my long day of exercise and beauty. Though much of the snow I sloped across was artificial, the elements surrounding me were certainly natural and offered me a bliss that I have been trying to escape my house to find for a while. There were many literal and figurative breaths of fresh air today when I found myself braving the air resistance as I reflected on some recent events in my life. Normally, being the masochist that I am, I would have thought about the things (or rather people) in my life that are missing. But today was different. I couldn’t stop thinking about the One who makes me so happy and all of my friends and family who love me.Upward glances revealed that they were right there with me. All I had to do was look through the mists of artificial snow, while the snowflakes cascaded through the air to reach a final resting place under my skis as I glided down each trail.

Find friends that you can have deep conversations with at midnight on the way home from a long day. They are the ones who care. They are the ones who last. If they can talk to you about anything you face, they can love you for everything you are.


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